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August 19, 2017

Dangling Art Fair Snaps…

Shrimp Peels & Hair

More Peels
ounding out Frieze Week, here are some NADA snaps plus a few dangling images from a quick in-and-out at Cutlog, the French-import fair now in its sophomore year. While NADA is pretty much a given on my hit list, Cutlog, on the other hand, is still finding its groove within the NY art circuit. Oh and yes, a real French Monsiour actually offered me a bottle Perrier on a platter (no Poupon)…a bit weird, but hey.

Jesse Stecklow at M+B Gallery. Photo Credit: Shrimp Peels & Hair

Photo Credit: Shrimp Peels & Hair

After the utilitarian wooden crates booth in Miami, The Hole opted for an actual pop-up store filled with an array of paintings, sculptures and pocket-sized trinkets, etc…


These two Brocks (top left) are probably the smallest I’ve ever seen.

There’s something happening with Matthew Higg’s sculptural paintings. I’ve seen his single-panel versions in the past, but these new works are hitting a sweet spot. I mentioned this to the APT galleriest who said I wasn’t the only one that noticed the tweak-up. Apparently B. Wurtz dropped by the booth earlier that day and said, “Matthew has arrived!” Now if only I had 6K. Photo Credit: Shrimp Peels & Hair


At Rod Barton Gallery, I suspect these Bernadet beauties were acquired early on. Photo Credit: Shrimp Peels & Hair


…and directly across the aisle at M+B Gallery was my fair fave Jesse Stecklow (along with Matthew Brandt) from LA. His uniques — think photog meets clay paintings meets process meets pexi — were HIGH on my radar to check out in person. Def. a watcher in the coming year — and still in his BA at UCLA. Of course, all the works were swooped up including two by a major collector from across the pond. Come on now, there were only six works at 3.5K each. Expect the WL (waiting list) to grow…and heeere we go again. Photo Credit Shrimp Peels & Hair


The mini-me booths at NADA — didn’t notice them at last year’s edition nor in Miami, but this configuration of a long row had a bazaar-like vibe with magic carpets and all! Photo Credit: Shrimp Peels & Hair


I counted seven works (“headed” by H. Guertin) plus one human at the mini-booth of Brooklyn’s Interstate Projects. Photo Credit: Shrimp Peels & Hair


Oh snap! Caught by the one-eye stare from this hipster at American Contemporary. Entering the booth, I thought to myself… oh looky here, major Ethan Cooks and another artist. Wrong. It turned out Ethan debuted these new bronze works which really threw me a curve ball. Photo Credit: Shrimp Peels & Hair


…so I connected with Ethan, “The bronzes explore secondary functioning temporary forms that are made permanent despite having exceeded their intended lifespan of usage.” Next up is Bill Brady KC where more sculptures are in the works. Photo Credit: Shrimp Peels & Hair


Torino’s Luce Gallery’s Enrica Franciosi snaps it up with Tribble & Mancenido in front of a tropical palm painting (clay and acrylic on linen) by Hector Arce-Espasas. Photo Credit: Shrimp Peels & Hair


Peter Barrickman at Milwaukee’s Green Gallery. Photo Credit: Shrimp Peels & Hair


Quick snap with John Riepenhoff. Photo Credit: Shrimp Peels & Hair



Summer Wheat populated the Samson Projects with her playfully odd sculptures plus and yards of tapestry paintings, except they’re not. The carpet-textured works are painted on aluminum mesh — a far cry from her globular impasto paintings. Curious where she goes with this new style. Photo Credit: Shrimp Peels & Hair


“Monk chair” resting install — part of Devon Dikeou “Pray for Me” photo series.


So I’m at Cutlog and came across these delightful bondage sculptures by Adam Handler. I chatted with gallerist Monica Buckle whose gallery is based in Greenwich, CT. It turned out she’s a real newbie to the gallery scene and refreshing to hear her optimism and passion — as well as a good eye with artist Adam Handler (who also did the paintings). So she opened shop in Dec., did Fountain in Miami — well, let’s just say it was an experience — and now Cutlog with a solo artist booth. I was quite surprised. My advice…ditch the heels and polish, get comfy chic and keep the dream alive. Best of luck Monica! Photo Credit: Shrimp Peels & Hair


Adam Handler sculptures…. Photo Credit: Shrimp Peels & Hair


Before heading out from Cutlog…I caught a reading by Anthony Haden Guest backdropped by his drawings. Photo Credit: Shrimp Peels & Hair


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