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August 19, 2017

Ferry on Up to Frieze 2014

Shrimp Peels & Hair

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ast Friday, I ferried on up to Randall’s Island to take in the 3rd edition of Frieze New York and kicked off a whirlwind vertigo of satellite fairs, gallery shows and exhibits galore.  Now in its 3rd year, the UK-based import (sponsored by Deutsche Bank) continues to shake up the NY art scene evidenced by the increased number of satellite fairs latching onto the Frieze cachet. Who would have thunk The Outsider Fair would play along?


Frieze Art Fair 2014
Photo Credit: Shrimp Peels & Hair


Danh Vo’s gold-leafed cardboard install at Marian Goodman Gallery. Poetically patriotic.
Photo Credit: Shrimp Peels & Hair

Frieze NY boasted more than 190 international contemporary galleries including a section of emerging young spaces.  In my mind…here are a few quick observations:

  • It might be me, but the magic potion has worn off a bit as it felt like another day at an art fair.  I couldn’t pinpoint one jaw-dropping moment.  At least last year, we got a little puppy love from McCarthy’s King Kong-sized balloon dog.
  • Felt for the pretty Gagosian gallerinas-in-the making prancing up and down the pier handing out copies of its gallery-named newspaper….gotta start somewhere.
  • Four days left and what to do when a booth sells out on preview night…how about this?  Sublet the booth or better yet donate the space to an underprivileged gallery.
  • One of the Frieze rules — a no smoking policy.  Not just in the tent, but on the whole entire island.  I was pretty surprised, and I’m sure irked many Euro-smoking-peans.
  • Notice the new #-coded door knobs at the booths?  Apparently there were sticky fingers last year…or thought it was SWAG
  • The fair seemed swathed with textile works, processed-based paintings, ceramics…less photography and sculpture.
  • So I was under the same tent with the Pussy Riot gals. No time to listen to their talk. Oh well.
  • Not sure about the Rirkrit Tiravanija claustrophobic booth at Gavin Brown Ent.  At first the domino-lined walls of artwork looked cool and inviting…except you only could see parts of the paintings and forget about robust-sized folks trying to squeeze their way through…not gonna happen – evah!



Christian Rosa
Photo Credit: Shrimp Peels & Hair


With four days left, this is what you look like when a booth sells out on preview night. Elaine Cameron-Weir at Ramiken Crucible — 4K a pop…not bad.
Photo Credit: Shrimp Peels & Hair

Bench-eye view eating lunch before a Ruscha wall at Gagosian Photo Credit Shrimp Peels & Hair

Scarfing down a salad, here’s a bench-eye view of Ruscha at Gagosian
Photo Credit Shrimp Peels & Hair


Rirkrit Tiravanija at Gavin Brown Ent
Photo Credit: Shrimp Peels & Hair



Grand Hotel
Photo Credit: Shrimp Peels & Hair


Where’s Marina when you need her?
Photo Credit: Shrimp Peels & Hair


Strong Nel Aerts paintings at the Carl Freedman Booth
Photo Credit: Shrimp Peels & Hair

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