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August 19, 2017

Author: Sarah Christian

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Lygia Clark at MoMA

It is little wonder the Lygia Clark foundation long resisted surveys of the artist’s career. MoMA’s recent coup, a full-scale retrospective of Clark’s work spanning 48 years proves the foundation’s concerns to be legitimate. Clark’s early paintings translate easily to a gallery setting, but her most interesting work, the therapeutic art of the 70s and 80s, complicates MoMA’s attempt to resurrect a little known and potentially very important artist. Clark’s Constructivist-inspired paintings, which occupy most of the sixth floor, present Clark’s early career as an accomplished harbinger of Minimalism. Grayed out whites and greens highlight the refinement of a marble-like …continue reading

Stefan Simchowitz is ‘Going to Become an Artist’

My good friend David Rago, who runs the eponymous Rago Arts and Auction in Lambertville, NJ, recently wrote me asking my thoughts on the Stefan Simchowitz buzz. The much touted $400,000 auction results for Oscar Murillo are only partly David’s business—his name is in Modern design and ceramics—however this story seems to intrigue just about everyone, from Jerry Saltz to my dad. Simchowitz seems like a smart enough chap. He has hired a good press agent who has everyone believing he is worth 200 million dollars, though no one knows the percentage of MediaVast he owned when it sold, or …continue reading