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August 19, 2017

Author: Tony Mangle

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The Collective Design Fair in West SoHo


After walking through several art fairs, I took a much needed breather from Frieze Week to check out the Collective Design which was a first for me (at least in NY).  So Sunday morning, I headed to West SoHo with a bagel and coffee in tow, and just in time to catch a walk-through with a Collective insider who escorted our intimate group design enthusiasts throughout the fair.  Lucky for us, Collective Design founder, Steven Lerner was also part of the pack.  For novices like myself, I highly recommend walk-thoughs for its curated insight to period styles, coveted collectibles, anecdotes, process and …continue reading

Whitney on the Hudson… or WOTH for Short


Can I get a hallelujah and A-to-the-MEN as the new Whitney Museum has finally arrived!  The gleaming industrial strength building is located on Chelsea’s Gansevoort St. and designed by the Italian Pritzker Prize starchitect Renzo Piano.  Location. Location. Location.  Such a smart strategy for the Whitney to return to its downtown roots, this time at the uber Meat-Packing district sans the seedy grit and grunge of yesteryear. There’s no doubt the new address will invigorate the museum’s foot traffic and destined to become a must-see museum attraction that could translate into newbies to the contemporary art world. And, the good …continue reading

Let’s Hear From The Women!


Shara Hughes “Far Out” at American Contemporary Shara Hughes “Far Out” at American Contemporary thru April 26. After two institutional solo exhibitions of dense lush paintings and complex compositions, Shara’s taken a step back to breath a little for her second NY solo show “Far Out” at American Contemporary.  Call it Shara unplugged, as the canvases are the most pared down that I’ve seen… emphasis on atmosphere and reflection, yet packed with her arsenal of painting techniques and ode to color. According to the release… Shara Hughes’ new paintings present layers of abstracted, actual and pictorial space, all in search of simplicity. These clouded windows of ambiguous form, pattern, and texture are like …continue reading

Just say “Beth” and the Art World Knows the Rest!


Ever since I fell prey to the contemporary art world, I’ve learned to embrace the art trimmings that go with the territory.  Sure, it’s about visuals that play onto our emotions, but there’s also the backroom drama of who’s poaching who, fair frenzy, auction records, the Ito du jours, zombie invasion…the list goes on and on.  Call it entertainment a la “Real Housewives” except flipping has nothing to do with tables. And, the key characters to it all are the collectors — think Rubells, Horts, Saatchi and Zabludowicz — whose influential taste can elevate an artist to the upper stratosphere. …continue reading