Arts Coverage and Review

August 19, 2017


Rob Fischer ‘Good Weather’

Using repurposed materials, primarily wood flooring, welded with steel and composed with high notes of glass, Rob Fischer sculpts a lens with which to live-in or pretend in.  Situated in a gallery but meant for the outdoors and open to the sky, Fischer’s Good Weather (Glass House) is uncharacteristically fascinating and whimsical. At Derek Eller, Fischer incorporates strategically hand-colored panels that serve as one’s sole protection from the elements.  Fischer’s ‘Glass House’ is without a roof, and, instead of using the landscape as wallpaper as Philip Johnson did, Fischer paints in color, adding to an interior landscape. That is necessary for this artist who lives …continue reading

Franz Kline ‘Zinc Door’

I’m being squeezed through the space between New York and a mid-western university, avoiding preparation for my lecture. Enforced transition zones, like airports, should be easy to convert into temporary autonomous zones, like studios. How many illuminated screens can I see from my seat in the waiting area? A dozen! Writing, like counting, is a great tool for procrastination. I already have sixty-four words. I was unexpectedly stunned last week by Franz Kline’s Zinc Door at Hauser & Wirth’s exhibition of the Onnasch collection. Two white rectangles tipped at slightly different angles at the center of the painting are sandwiched …continue reading