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August 19, 2017

11 + 4 + 1 + 1 = The Forever Now: Contemporary Painting in an Atemporal World at MoMA


  I believe that’s eleven NY-based artists, four from LA, one Berlin and one London-based artist that comprise one of the season’s highly-anticipated shows,  The Forever Now: Contemporary Painting in An Atemporal World at the Museum of Modern Art.  Under the watchful eye of curator Laura Hoptman, the painting show highlights 17 painters (most of which are high-profile, mid-career artists with impressive pedigree) that hinge the show’s theme — Atemporality. “A-temporality, or timelessness, manifests itself in painting as an ahistorical free-for-all, where contemporaneity as an indicator of new form is nowhere to be found, and all eras coexist.” The chosen 17 are Richard Aldrich, Joe …continue reading

A Favorite Pick! Seth Pick “Biophilia” Opens at Gerhardsen Gerner Berlin


Bloggers block? Yup, for some reason, I procrastinated in getting this post together and struggled for an opening paragraph that expressed my admiration for the young British-Frankfurt-based painter Seth Pick  — until it hit me last Saturday around 5:00 p.m.  I arrived home from a slew of weekend errands and realized I accidentally left the curtains open, only to discover the afternoon sunset reflecting onto one of my favorite paintings – Seth Pick’s Mimes (2012).   It was an a-ha moment (no lie) that left me breathless, as I enjoyed the oil painting’s glowing presence, accentuated brushstrokes, and the illumination of the Cranach-esque figures escaping from the canvas.  It was an unexpected art appreciation moment at its …continue reading

Gilded Pleasures of Jonathan Scott — “The Policy Makers” at Mulherin Gallery


I can’t believe we‘re weeks away from coming full circle to another Art Basel Miami and the fair-mania that goes with the territory.  It was at the Untitled fair that I set eyes on Canadian-based artist Jonathan Scott at the Katharine Mulherin booth.  I was intrigued by Scott’s wafer-thin self-contained sculptures of gold gilded book covers propped up in a Serra-esquely manner, along with a series of black gessoed mirrored wall hangings that lured viewers into obliteration.  The works were intimate, poised with quiet confidence and exuded a stately elegance.  In fact, art critic David Balzer of Canadian Art cited Scott’s work as “gorgeous.”  So until now, I kept an eye open for Jonathan’s next show. Jonathan Scott – Monument 18: Three Judges …continue reading

“The Hairy Hand” on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown — Dave Hardy Debuts at Churner & Churner


  Last summer during my gallery show catch-up, I made a point to drop by Sotheby’s “Save It For Later” show that highlighted emerging artists “working in an environment of disposable goods” with recycle and reuse as part of their artistic arsenal.  The line-up included artists like Graham Collins, Brian Belott and Rachel Foulon, among others.  However, it was Dave Hardy and his cushy wall sculptures that caught my eye with a “how’d he do dat?” appeal.  Cushy they are not.  Think cement-soaked polyurethane foam that’s manipulated into form and assaulted by quirky stabbings and wrappings of quotidian objects.  Since then, I’ve checked out the Brooklyn-based artist, and the …continue reading